Health, safety and environment

Source Energy’s business objective is to expand our ownership and to increase activities in the Norwegian North Sea in a profitable and sustainable manner. We are committed to being a prudent partner, while also being a responsible member of the community.

Source Energy aims to create value by developing sustainable long-term relationships between own Company, employees, partners and the community. The company is committed to achieving high standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

The company’s HSE framework contains overall principles and plans, management systems, organizational development plans and measurement of results, events and improvements by:

  • Setting overall goals and strategies regarding health, safety and environment.
  • Ensuring capacity and competence to fulfil our obligations in accordance with the petroleum regulations, including the see-to-it duty as a license partner.
  • Using a management system that closely aligns laws, regulations, procedures and processes on how the organization perform its duties.
  • Using an integrated and reliable Risk Management system, delivering a systematic assessment of all our activities to ensure the highest standards of our operations.

Corporate responsibility shall be reflected in our core values, in the quality of our work and products, and in our entire range of activities, creating coherence between what we say and what we do.

and safety
In our day-to-day business, our highest priority is the health and safety of people and to carry out our operations with minimum impact to the environment.

Source Energy will work actively to promote environmental solutions as part of our own, and partners, activities. We shall be in forefront when it comes to responsible decisions given the challenges in the petroleum industry.

Transparency and corruption
Source Energy will be a transparent and open company vis-à-vis the general public, the authorities, partners, the local community and media. We will conduct our business in an ethical manner and work against all forms of corruption.

We believe that our activities should benefit the communities where we operate. This means actively engaging in creating local ripple effects in terms of industrial development and employment as well as supporting competence building and cultural activities.