Source Energy will create value through developing sustainable long-term relationships between own Company, employees, partners and the community. The company is committed to achieving high standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

Source Energy is committed to:

  • Promote a positive HSE culture in our working environment and be in forefront of all activities
  • Act responsibly on the health, safety, environmental and social impact of all our activities as part of the day-to-day business
  • Achieving a proactive HSE awareness to prevent incidents of every type and reducing our environmental footprint whilst giving a positive impact on the society in general
  • Be a good employer with focus on the health and safety of our employees and contractors


The company’s HSE framework contains overall principles and plans, management system, organizational development plans and measurement of results, events and improvements:

  • Overall goals and strategies regarding health, safety and environment
  • Ensure capacity and competence to fulfill our obligations in accordance with the petroleum regulations, including the see-to-it duty as a license partner
  • A good Management system that aligns closely laws, regulations, procedures and processes with how the organization perform their duties
  • An integrated and reliable Risk Management system delivering a systematic assessment of all our activities to ensure high standards in our operations


All employees and our contractors have a responsibility to maintain high HSE standards and Source Energy management will take a leadership role in this.